530: case study: mr. smith


Administrators evaluate teacher performance as objectively as possible. Assumptions and bias are a natural part of the thought process. Administrators must be aware of bias, so they are able to provide valuable feedback to their teaching staff.

Part 1: Informal Observation Feedback

For this assignment respond to the case study in 250-500 words including the following:

Assumptions: At least 3-5 assumptions you have made about what is happening in the classroom.

Questions: Minimum of 3-5 open-ended questions you would ask the teacher about the class and lesson in order to test your assumptions and gain a better understanding of what you observed.

Positive Feedback: Positive feedback you would provide the teacher regarding their instructional style and presentation strategies.

Constructive Feedback: Constructive feedback you would provide the teacher regarding their instructional style and presentation strategies, keeping in mind the teacher’s experience.

Teacher: Mr. Smith

Teacher Experience: 20 Years

Grade: 10

Subject: On Level Biology

Upon entering the classroom, you observe students at individual desks, seated in rows, facing the front of the room. You do not observe any disruptive behavior during the observation. For the full 10 minutes you are in the room, Mr. Smith is presenting material about the parts of the cell using a PowerPoint. He is instructing from the front of the room (because that is where the computer is) and his presentation is concise, yet thorough and informative. There are multiple pictures, diagrams, etc. included in the presentation. During the presentation, a couple of students ask clarifying questions about the material. Most of the students are taking notes during the presentation.

Part 2: Reflection

Following your response to the case study, in 250-500 words, summarize and reflect on your initial assumptions and share a narrative from your professional practice in which an administrator made assumptions about your classroom situation during an informal observation or walk-through and how you addressed this situation. How does understanding your personal biases influence your ability to evaluate teachers? How will you make sure that your personal biases will not affect your future coaching process?

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. A link to the LopesWrite Technical Support Articles is located in Class Resources if you need assistance.

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