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                                   (1) discussion question to initially respond to.


1.If you are not a fan of country music, did any of the recordings in this module help you to understand why it appeals to so many Americans? If so, name the song(s) and tell your classmates why you chose it (them). If not, explain why country music has no appeal for you. If you are a fan of country music, choose one of the recordings that you think best exemplifies the genre, and explain why/how it connects with you.

2.Do you agree with the following statement: “Many country songs express the inner conflict between pleasure-seeking and the pursuit of religious devotion or wanderlust and the security of home” (p. 175)?

3.How do you determine what sets country music apart? How do we know it’s country?

4.Think about the ancestry of British Balladry in country music. What is the difference between Child Ballads and Broadsides?

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