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We often hear the word passionate used to describe great leaders. These leaders are passionate about the world around them and how they see themselves fitting into that world. Leaders are also focused—on their goals, their plans, and how their organization functions.

In this short 3-minute video, The Leadership of Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson talks about Steve Jobs’ personality and how his passion and intense focus helped to make Apple a household name.


Not all of us can be the next Steve Jobs, and we might not want to be. Not many could work under his dominant personality and leadership style; however, those who could and did, performed at an incredible level, surpassing any expectations for any one organization.

Studying personality styles is an important step in any leadership development plan. Hughes (2019) references “The OCEAN Model of Personality” (p. 190). You might also hear this personality model as the Big Five or the Five-Factor Model. These internationally recognized basic five personality factors include:

  • Openness to Experience
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

There are many behaviors that fall under each of the five factors. Determining which behaviors each of us exhibits gives us an idea of who we are today and what we want to become in the future. It is important to have an insight as to our personality, traits, and behaviors. While personality does not change over time, we can learn how we can adapt to different situations and to people.


Download this OCEAN Model template Add behaviors and traits that define and describe you. Two behaviors or traits are already provided. Conduct research on the OCEAN or the Five Factors and look for more behaviors and traits that describe your personality.

Prepare a two-three (2-3)-page report, not including the cover page and any references page, that discusses the following points and questions. You should use at least one outside resource. Using an additional resource and your textbook can help with this assignment. Be sure to cite your sources.

  • Using Walter Isaacson’s video on Steve Jobs presented above, explain how Job’s personality fits or does not fit the OCEAN model.
    • What traits of Jobs do you admire or want to emulate?
    • Which traits do you not admire?
  • Using the OCEAN Model template, use critical reasoning to identify your own traits and behaviors for each of these five factors. You should have a total of five traits and behaviors for each factor. Compile your traits and behaviors for each factor to describe your personality.
    • Openness
    • Conscientiousness
    • Extraversion
    • Agreeableness
    • Neuroticism
  •  Where do you have room for growth?  Which factors and behaviors can you develop? What steps will you take in your work practice to develop those factors?
  • In conclusion, explain the connection between personality traits and behaviors with leadership practices in the workplace. How does your personality contribute to your organization’s leadership dynamics?  

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