3.i did not complete high school here. i started community college


With an understanding of the challenges that can come with connecting or building community in a virtual setting, you will be asked to interview classmates this semester via Zoom and/or google hangouts. Interview will require a 250 word minimum summary of your experience. The following are some questions we encourage you to ask in the interview.

  1. What college did you transfer from?
  2. What is your intended major?
  3. What prompted you to choose Cal?
  4. What are your favorite hobbies?
  5. If you could major in anything and be guaranteed a steady job after college, what would you pick?


my partner is Shagufta ail.

1.I transferred from Cosumnes River College, Sacramento

2.I am an Economics major. Thought about going for a double major but wasn’t sure I could cope with everything.

3.I did not complete high school here. I started community college and it took me some time to learn about the school system. During my research I learnt that UC Berkeley was one of the best schools for Economics. I hoped to be able to attend Cal one day!

4. My hobbies: I love road trips. They never make me tired. I love reading mystery and thriller novels. Blake Pierce has been a favorite author for some time now. I am heavily into criminal law as well.

5.If I could major in anything else, it would definitely be Law. I would be hopeful I could get a job in the justice sector.

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