2 different questions you have to answer each of them with 5

 Q1: As a class, we decide to take a ski vacation to Aspen, Colorado. The altitude in this area, between the Rocky Mountains’ Sawatch Range and Elk Mountains, is around 8000 ft.  To put this into perspective, Atlanta is around 1000 ft. What causes your headache and difficulty breathing on the first day? What physiological changes occur that allow you to feel better a couple of days later? Make recommendations to your classmates to help prevent altitude sickness from happening again.  


Q2:  For this part you will answer the following questions using your critical thinking and reasoning skills: Each question should be answered with minimum 5 sentences. (essays are not acceptable ) So as total 10 sentences + APA  citation:


Q1. Describe the different functions of the conducting zone and respiratory zone and relate those to differences in their histology.

Q2. State whether hyperventilation and emphysema would raise or lower each of the following—the blood Po2, Pco2, and pH—and explain why.

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