2 case studies | Computer Science homework help

Title: Chapter-05 Video Case-3 Netflix


Watch 2 videos and Answer the following questions:

1. What event convinced Netfix to switch to a cloud-based service? 
2. What is Chaos Monkey and why is it importance for Netfix and its use of AWS? 
3. Why is it important for Netfix that AWS has multiple availability regions?

4. Do you watch TV or movies on Netfix? Have you encountered varying quality of service 
at different times of day?


Title: Chapter-06 Video Case-1 BrooksBrothers


Watch Video and Answer the following questions: 

1. What were some of the information system problems Brooks Brothers needed to resolve?
2. What critical aspect of Brooks Brothers service did the company hope to preserve with its
SAP implementations?
3. Why did Brooks Brothers select the SAP HANA database management system?
4. How will Brooks Brothers use its new database?
5. Do you think systems like SAP CRM and SAP HANA are necessary for all businesses with a
global presence? Why or why not?


Save both in separate Microsoft Word Files. 

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