2.5 to 3 page essay on a chapter

Read the chapter 5  The Young and the Ruthless from the book Will to Kill below and answer the following questions

  • What is the purpose of this chapter in the book?
  • Identify the major themes and key points in the chapter. In 3 or 4 sentences what is the author basically trying to get across? Make special note of those points which are relevant to the concerns of the course.  
  • Choose a theory only one and briefly explain the assumptions of the theory, and then using the theory explain the most important theme in the chapter.  Utilize an example of at least one criminal case to support the theory that you choose that is in the book will to kill . 

Theories to chose from general strain, strain theory, rational choice theory, routine activities, cultural or sub cultural theories, control theory, power control.

 Doubled spaced with 12 font.

If you quote directly from the book you need to include the authors name and page numbers( However quotes are limited to 2 per essay)


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