1. what did you learn about yourself by participating in the academic


Requirements Checklist

The Reflection Letter of Understanding sanction is designed to engage you in thoughtful reflection regarding your actions that led to a violation of the Student Conduct Code and what you have learned from this experience. Please note that the purpose of this assignment is not to provide you with a venue to justify your actions or to evaluate the actions of others. Your letter should be composed in an appropriate manner as any essay/paper in a university classroom setting and include the following:

Format and Length

1. At least 500 words 2. Typed

3. 12 pt font 4. 1” margins


All Reflection Letters Must Address the Following:

1. What behaviors or choices led to your interaction with the Office of Student Conduct?

2. What factors contributed to your choice(s)? (friends, stress, etc.)

3. How has this incident impacted you personally?

4. Has this incident impacted anyone else? Who? How?

5. In your situation, at what points could you have made different decisions?

6. Which decisions are realistic for you to make in the future in order to not have another similar violation of the

Student Conduct Code?

Your Reflection Letter Must Also Address the Following:

Academic Integrity Seminar VAIL Tutor

1. What did you learn about yourself by participating in the Academic Integrity Seminar? 2. What do the words ethics and integrity mean in your academic and personal life?

3. What impact does academic misconduct have on the community?

4. How has your knowledge of citations and references changed?

This sanction is to be completed following all other assigned sanctions. Reflection letters submitted before other sanctions are completed will not be accepted.

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